Dear Esteban

Made for a game jam called “Fuck This Jam,” the challenge was to make a game in the game genre you hate the most. For @travischen and I, that was walking sims. Travis did the lion’s share of the work here. There wasn’t much to design as it was built mainly from free Unity assets. I cherry-picked the most bizarre quotes from Yelp! I could find, plugged them into a text-to-speech program, and ordered them as interesting as I could. But this is mostly Travis’s project.

Fun Fact: An article about this game was posted on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which put it on the radar of the actual VO actor from “Dear Esther” (the game being parodied), Jonathan Keith, who then posted a recording of himself reading his own VO for Dear Esteban, which THEN led to us collaborating with him on Moonshine, which is another game featured here.

Sadly, the site that hosted the game jam has stopped hosting the files, and my webspace can’t bear it. Until I can solve this, Dear Esteban will remain elusively unplayable.