BUDLR was crazy. It was conceived and made for the 2013 Tech Crunch Hackathon. It was masterminded by @travischen, with me providing assets, remotely and in real time. The premise was 4-player bomberman, EXCEPT that it’s controlled remotely by cell phone.

blue4                     red4                    green4                    yellow4

It worked like this: each character is assigned a real-life phone number, and to control a character, you text your commands to that phone number. The name “BUDLR” corresponds to the 5 commands a character can perform: Bomb, Up, Down, Left, Right. For instance, you could text the Blue character “LLDLDRBLUR” and he would move: Left, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Set a bomb, Left, Up, Right. The time delay between when the text is sent and when the server receives it and executes the command make the games thrilling.

It was designed to be played in public and required a huge amount of back-end work to keep a game up and running, which is why it isn’t playable in-browser here. We showed it off at IndieCade 2013, and weirdly had a few kids ask their parents if they could have a playable version at their birthday party.